Body Treatments

Every day your skin is exposed to a harsh world of environmental pollutants, artificial climate controls and high levels of stress. Our body treatments offer hydration and oxygenation while increasing the skin's ability to absorb nutrients.

Organic Island Body Cocktail (75 minutes)  $130

Welcome to the Pure Fiji Experience. The uniqueness of this treatment is that you create your own personal experience! Choose your:

  • BASE 

    • Mud Open: The dried mud will tighten to detoxify and pull out impurities in the skin. 
    • Mud Wrap: Wrapped in Mylar, the mud will infuse minerals into the skin.
    • Oil Wrap: Wrapped in Mylar, the oil is warming, hydrating, and nourishing.

    • Salt: is going to be more abrasive and detoxifying. It will pull out impurities in the skin. Recommended for those with oily and/or combo skin.
    • Sugar: is better for hydration. This is recommended if you have dryer skin.

    • Coconut Milk & Honey: hydrating, firming, and strengthening.
    • White Ginger Lily: angelic essence, calming & healing.

Salt Glow or Brown Sugar Scrub (45 minutes)   $80

Choose a scent - then relax as the coconut milk is gently applied, followed by organic cane sugar or sea salt combined with exotic tropical nut oils and nourishing fruit enzymes. The skin's elasticity and moisture loss is replenished, renewing it with a healthy, vibrant glow. Hydrating body lotion is gently applied to complete the skin's treatment.

Natural Essential Oil Wrap (75 minutes)   $130

Choose the oil that is correct for your needs for either:

  • Thieves - Immunity Building
  • Lavender - Relaxing
  • Cel-Lite Magic - Cellulite Reducing
  • Juniper - Detoxing

After your exfoliation, warm essential oils are massaged into the skin. 

Natural Oil Wrap: You will be wrapped in Mylar to hold in your own natural body heat; this allows the nutrient rich oil to be deeply absorbed through the skin. Enjoy aromatherapy, relaxation and renewal. 

(Relax in the sauna for 15 minutes before this treatment begins)

Body Toning & Cellulite Treatments


Millions of men and women would like to find a way to regain the slender, youthful appearance they once enjoyed, which is now so elusive.

Heredity, inactive lifestyles and poor diet can have an undesirable effect on the appearance and tone of the skin. These may lead to a dimpled, bumpy appearance of the skin, particularly in well known “problem areas” around the thighs, hips and buttocks.

We take your weight control and inch reduction therapies as seriously as you do. They are performed in a series of treatments for your greatest benefit. Your consultant will individualize your program in:

  • synergie (1 session)  $105

Pre-paid Series of 8 sessions  $720

Synergie's AMS device provides subdermal tissue massage, combining suction with applied pressure. A treatment regimen is a series of twice-weekly, 30 min. sessions over a two month period followed by monthly maintenance. You will purchase and wear a body suit designed for this treatment.



  • m'lis cellulite wrap (1 session)  $95

Pre-paid Series of 3 sessions  $250

Before beginning this treatment, we recommend a colon cleansing with the M'lis herbal program. This will make your wraps more effective and long-lasting.

Call and schedule a complimentary consultation and patch test.