Massage Therapies

Experience the therapeutic benefits of a relaxing yet therapeutic massage from.  Massage is perfect for reducing stress, improving circulation and relieving muscle pain. Massage, when given on a regular basis, will help you maintain physical, mental and emotional well being. We offer a full selection of massage therapies to fit your needs.

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  • Our licensed therapists are professional and will keep your modesty in mind. You are welcome to undress to your comfort level.

  • Conversation can be distracting during the massage. Your therapist will follow your desire for quiet or conversation.

  • Your preference for a male or female therapist will be honored if you make the request when booking your appointment.
  • *A Young Living oil for your need is complimentary with every massage treatment.  (Unless the treatment already includes essential oils.)

Our uniquely relaxing yet therapeutic full body massage stimulates circulation, enhances skin tone and soothes tight and tired muscles. Our gifted therapists adapt their techniques to your particular needs, customizing your massage so you receive the treatment that is right for you. This massage technique addresses the major muscles of the body, working light to firm pressure.

Therapeutic Full Body Massage

  • 45 Minutes    $ 75

  • 60 Minutes    $ 85

  • 75 Minutes    $ 95

  • 90 Minutes    $110

  • 105 Minutes  $130

  • 120 Minutes  $150

  • 60 Minute series of three  $225-prepaid

This treatment is recommended for persons wishing more intense, specific bodywork. These specialized techniques reach deep muscle layers and address the attachments, as well as the bellies of the muscles to create pain relief. This technique consists of slow movements so only two or three areas of the body can be addressed in a session. Our massage therapists performing these various specific techniques have taken extra training to become skillful to help you attain your pain relief goals.

Deep Tissue Massage

  • 60 Minutes     $95

  • 90 Minutes    $135

Couples Massage

  • 60 MINUTES    $180

  • 90 MINUTES    $240

  • 120 MINUTES   $320

Experience the benefits of Massage Therapy in an enjoyable setting together.

Great for special occasions - for couples or friends.

Enjoy the healing benefits of our Stone Massage, enhanced with 100% Therapeutic Grade Pure Essential Oils from Young Living. Customize your journey with a delightful selection of an oil blend to care for your specific need.

Young Living Stone Massage

  • 80 MINUTES   $130

According to the reflex theory, points on the soles of the feet correspond to the major organs and areas of the body. Reflexology uses basic massage techniques and "thumb walking" across these points to give a feeling of reduced tension and fatigue. (Your 60 minute service includes a 5 minute sea salt foot soak.)

You'll feel like you're walking on clouds.

Young Living Foot Reflexology Treatment

  • 60 minutes   $95

Our skilled and caring therapists perform treatments in the 2nd and 3rd trimesters of pregnancy. This treatment begins with a gentle dry brush to help with fluid retention.  Warm compresses are applied to your feet to create the perfect experience.

Prenatal Massage

  • 60 minutes   $95

BodyTalk is a health care system that utilizes muscle biofeedback to access the person's deep inner self. BodyTalk addresses most health situations, from back pain and headaches to allergies and infections.

Body Talk

  • 50 Minutes $90               (prepaid series of 3   $240)

  • 90 Minute Combination Massage & BodyTalk - $140

Your therapist will use warm, smooth, rounded bamboo wands to provide a full body, therapeutic massage with wide, long strokes. This customized treatment is very relaxing and effective.

Deep Tissue Massage may also be performed using the bamboo wands.  The warm wand strokes will be customized as a deep tissue treatment to your areas of concern.

Bamboo Massage

  • 60 minutes   $95

  • 90 minutes   $135

A Hawaiian traditional massage, meaning "breaking into small bits or mixing" is a combination of shiatsu, neuromuscular, meridian (energy pathways) and/or pressure point massage. Your therapist will perform relaxing, light to firm work according to your body's needs.

Lomi Lomi Massage

  • 75 minutes   $105

This treatment allows normalizing of the cranial plates as the body 'unwinds' itself.  It helps to free nerve endings, relax muscles and assist natural pain relief.

Cranial Unwinding with Therapeutic Massage

  • 90 minutes   $135