Preparing for a Wedding or Special Occasion?

It’s All About creating the perfect YOU.

From the moment you say, “Yes, I will,” the plan of action springs into place. A calendar of events is set in motion. Yet even with all of this planning, we receive calls from brides who say, “I’m getting married Saturday, help me, I need a facial, a manicure, a pedicure.” This bride is dismayed, even angry at the spa for telling her it would not be in her best interest to have a facial this week.

We explain we have no idea how her skin will react and we would not want to ruin her big day. We will book her with a manicure and pedicure, yet if she had been coming in regularly for months in advance, she would be much more confident as the perfect bride.  Here are some tips on planning for the most important detail of your wedding....You.  The ‘moms’ and bridesmaids will also find this information helpful. After all, this is a big day in their lives, too.

Glowing Complexion

Every artist wants to begin her painting with the perfect canvas. The same is true with your make up artist on your wedding day. Her goal to have your skin look glowing and flawless can easily be achieved if you create the ‘canvas’ months in advance. We recommend to brides to begin with facials and microdermabrasion. Microdermabrasion will work with skin issues like fine lines, hyper pigmentation and acne scarring. It works by gently exfoliating the outer epidermal layer of your skin, buffing away dead and dull skin cells. The fresh, younger looking skin is revealed without damaging or disturbing the healthy cells below.           

Our estheticians are licensed, well trained and experienced in correctly analyzing your skin type.  Our skin specialist will have you complete a medical intake form, taking into account any health issues that may affect your skin. She will also have a complete knowledge of the ingredients in the products she uses during the facial. Also, at Euro Day Spa & Salon we take pride in stocking  all of the products for your skin type both in the treatment room and for your home use. Our estheticians will also be knowledgeable in specific skin situations like acne, rosacea and maturing skin. Lastly, our esthetician genuinely cares about your skin will recommend effective self care once you leave our office. She will share her knowledge to help your skin on your wedding day and long into the future.

Creating the Perfect Figure

After your wedding gown is boxed away, the flowers dried & stored, and the wedding cake gone on your first anniversary, your wedding photos will be there forever. That is why creating your best image is so important. A great companion to the diet and exercise plan you have in place is a combination of a body contouring program like Synergie and M’Lis Body Wraps.
M’Lis Body Wraps are a natural, holistic approach using a cinnamon and niacin based cream with a ‘syran-like ’wrap to enhance circulation and create gentle pressure to your body areas where the cellulite tissue hides. The circulatory and lymphatic systems flush out these ‘toxins’ to create inch loss in your arms, waist, hips and thighs. The bonus is it also improves your general health, nourishing the skin, while contouring the soft areas of the body. A series of 3-6 wraps are recommended and should begin at least two months before the big day. Most people find them very relaxing, too.

Synergie is a natural, yet intensive system that treats the skin and underlying muscle. It is a device that provides subdermal tissue massage for targeted ‘problem areas’ combining suction with applied pressure. This noninvasive treatment provides stimulation, stretching and pressure to soft tissue achieving results not attainable by traditional massage techniques. This treatment is most effective if done twice a week for 8 weeks and is customized for each person’s goals. A body suit is worn during this treatment.

Body Treatments for Radiant Skin

For brides who will be wearing strapless, backless or halter style wedding dresses, body treatments are very beneficial to the overall health and appearance of your skin. Exfoliation treatments will stimulate new skin cell growth and circulation. Sugars scrubs even help brighten dull skin (wonderful for olive to dark skin tones). For extremely dry skin, combine an exfoliation treatment with a hydrating body wrap.  Our Pure Fiji Organic Island Body Cocktails were created to customize your need.  For backs that tend to break out in the summer heat and humidity, try a mud body mask that will draw out excess oils in the skin.

Consult with one of our body treatment specialists (who is also a licensed massage therapist) to analyze your skin to receive best results. We recommend you try one treatment per month for 4 to 5 months in advance of your big day. (You will probably need the extra TLC anyway!) Then come in 2 days before your wedding and let your therapist work her magic for radiant skin.

Nail Care

Imagine looking at your enchanting ‘ring photo’ and the amusing ‘garter photo’ years from now. You will be thrilled you pampered your fingers and toes when the photos also show radiant, lovely hands and feet. To achieve this goal begin to receive manicures and pedicures once a month for 4 to 6 months before your wedding. In that time frame your nail specialist will be able to soften and hydrate. She will also be able strengthen the nails and nail beds. Paraffin treatments along with your nail care will enhance the hydration of your skin, improve circulation and ease sore joints.

Our state licensed nail specialists are trained and certified in sanitation procedures and techniques. This will eliminate risk of bacterial or fungal contamination. You can also be confident your polish will last thru your wedding and well into your honeymoon.

Massage, the Sanctuary for you

AAAHHHHHH, don’t forget to get a massage! - At least once a month. If you have not yet experienced the wonderful relaxation benefits of massage, this is the perfect time to start. The words calming, relaxing and peaceful are more powerful than most people realize. When we go into relaxation mode we are actually going into healing mode. By receiving a massage it can help your body heal physically, mentally and emotionally.

Because receiving a massage is one of the most intimate and trusting experiences in life, there are several aspects to consider in finding the perfect therapist for you. Does it matter to you if your therapist is male or female? We will honor your feelings so your experience will be totally comfortable for you. Before your massage we will have you complete a medical intake form so your therapist is familiar with your health history; and will then have the knowledge to perform an appropriate treatment.

Since there are many different styles of massage, ask for a therapist who is competent in light, medium and deeper work. A light touch massage can lull some people off to sleep. Others desire some relief with the stress and pain in their muscles and want deeper, more specific work. If the technique is appropriate, these areas can be worked without trauma to the tissue and will relieve muscle tension and pain.

The atmosphere should be appropriate with soft lights, soft voices, calming music and should be impeccably clean. You have the option to disrobe completely, but if you are more comfortable with your underwear on, a good massage therapist will still be able to do a wonderful treatment. Many therapists use lotion or massage cream that is helpful to your skin. There is no reason to leave with oily hair or worried the oil will stain your clothes if you don’t shower it off. This is totally your time. Our therapists will be quiet and just let you go into your ‘space.’ Enjoy and relax.

 Give the gift of Health & Beauty to a loved one or to yourself.

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